Bellfields Moggy Pond – An update

by CllrZoeFranklin on 2 July, 2011

Over the past year work has been happening behind the scenes to enable work to improve the Moggy Pond area to start. This began with the setting up of a small group of people who are leading the project, followed by applications for funding and most recently a Community Clean Up Day ( that you may have read about in the Surrey Advertiser. We are really excited as it is now possible to get things moving faster. However to personal reasons a number of the local residents involved in the lead group have needed to step down leaving us short of local residents so we need new people to get involved. This is where you come in…

Do you enjoy visiting the Moggy Pond? Do your family and friends enjoy visiting the Moggy Pond? Do you want to see the area kept clean and made even more accessible for local people? If so could you spare a couple of hours each month to help run the project with a team of others? It’s not scary and in fact because you get to do practical stuff around the pond too (if you want to/are able) it’s even fun!

Please do think about joining the team yourself and if you have any questions please call Garry Jones on 07770 887935 or email

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