Funding success for local Scout group

by CllrZoeFranklin on 10 December, 2012

I was delighted to be told last week that our local Scout Group, the 2nd’s, bid for a grant of £23,400 from the Surrey County Council Community Improvement Fund by 2nd Guildford Scouts has been approved! I know from speaking to the groups leaders that they have put in hours and hours of work writing funding bids and doing fundraising with the group on top of the actual running of the group and their own personal lives.

The Scout group based on Stoughton Road applied for the bid so that they can undertake a complete rebuild of their Scout Hut on Stoughton Road, Bellfields. After many years intensive use the hut has become run down and earlier this year was condemned as unsafe for use. They have since moved out and are sharing another local Scout group’s hut as a temporary fix.

Speaking to my County Council colleague Cllr Pauline Searle who backed and promoted the group’s bid she also emphasised how pleased she is by the award saying: “I am very happy that the Stoke Scout have been successful with their bid. The Stoke Scouts are a very well run and organised group that has a long waiting list, which shows the real need for a new Scouts Hut in this area. This is the start of quite a long process of which I am very supportive. We are all aware that there is a need for more Community facilities in Stoke so I am sure the new building when complete will be very well used.”

Cllr Searle also confirmed that she would be giving the group an additional £4,000 towards the cost of the project from her County Council members’ allocation.

For more information about the 2nds and their bid to save their scout hut click here.

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