Lovely day for door knocking

by CllrZoeFranklin on 5 January, 2013

So I will confess I was rather glad when I woke this morning to find that it was a dry day as nothing dampens the spirits when you’re heading out knocking on doors than bucket loads of rain.


The task at hand was an hour or so off knocking on doors in Stoughton with surveys to help the fantastic borough councillors Pauline Searle (who’s also the county councillor), Wendy May and Gill Harwood find out more about local issues and so help them serve local residents better. I had a good reception from local residents who were happy to complete the surveys for us and picked up a piece of casework for Pauline, Gill and Wendy.

I’m now thoroughly looking forward to ¬†getting out in Stoke soon with colleagues to do the same.

P.S. Walking home I was horrified by the state of the path that ruStoughton Rd to Blackberry Cl Path (Jan 2013)ns from Stoughton Road along the back of the graveyard to Blackberry Close. It’s a real mud bath. I don’t walk it often so I hadn’t realised just how bad it had got. I must look into who owns it and if there’s anything that can be done. I’ll post again about it once it becomes clear.


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