I’m so excited!

by CllrZoeFranklin on 19 February, 2013

Weyfield Primary Academy

I meant to blog about this before but life’s moving so fast at the moment I simply haven’t had time. However, I just have to tell you all as it’s so exciting…

Our local primary school, Weyfield Primary Academy, is officially rated as GOOD by Ofsted!

Yes, the school that has been done down by many local people and often the media too has gone from a rating of inadequate (4) in January 2012 to Good (2) just last week. Making such a leap is no mean feat, particularly with Ofsted revising its criteria last year. However under the fantastic leadership of the school’s new head, Mr Simon Wood, who started two weeks before the last Ofsted and the passion and dedication of all of the other staff at the school the turnaround has been amazing.

Since becoming a councillor I have taken a particular interest in the school because as well as wanting my local residents to have access to good education for their children I knew that it was the school that my husband and I wanted our boys to attend. My oldest started in Reception in September and he LOVES it! I have seen first hand how excited he and his friends are about the things they are learning, the respect and love they have for their teachers and Mr Wood (my son is keen to show his work to him as often as possible which says something about Mr Wood and probably something about my son too!), and the enthusiasm he has for going to school every day even when his little body is weary and tired.

So I will simply end this post by saying THANK YOU. Thank you to all the staff and governors at Weyfield for making the school a place where learning is fun and children are valued. And a special thank you to Mr Wood for choosing to take the helm and having the passion to help the school realise the potential that was always there.

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