Summer holidays – counting the cost

by CllrZoeFranklin on 12 June, 2013

So last Tuesday I attended the Stoke Community Lunch hosted by St Peter’s Church. The topic for discussion was families financial (and other) struggles during the school holidays. To open up discussion Rob Lewis, Christ College’s Chaplain, spoke candidly about the reasons for families financial struggles during the school holidays – no free school meals, the need for entertainment, buying equipment etc for the return to school – and also highlighted the emotional and relationship struggles that often come about too. It was a deeply moving presentation and I was once again reminded how lucky my family is and how there is so much more that needs to be done to support families.

Following on from Rob’s talk discussion turned to what the various agencies represented were providing over the summer holidays and I was really impressed by what is available for families who are either living on benefits (there is no shame in this, sometimes circumstances conspire against you) or on low income. I’m including below some links to a couple of the activites/schemes and will be adding to this list over the coming weeks here on the blog and on Facebook so if it is something that interests you or someone you know please take a look.

FISH (Fun in the School Holidays)

Holiday activity scheme for 10-16 year olds. Activity options include crafts, sports and more while staying in Guildford PLUS day trips including theme parks and more.


Holiday activity scheme for 4-11 year olds who live in Park Barn, Stoke and Westborough. There are two locations over a number of weeks – Weyfield Academy and Guildford Grove.

A number of events will be run over the summer by local churches including a weekly activity afternoon and lunch (by referral only), holiday club, outdoor play activities and a uniform swap. As I said I will be additing to the list so please check back.

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