An unusual week

by CllrZoeFranklin on 18 June, 2013

Home-Start LogoUnusually I’m working every day this week. Not my ideal but sometimes I find myself presented with the situation where key meetings that I feel I need to (and want to) attend fall every day of a particular week and so my youngest gets to enjoy five sessions in childcare at Guildford Children’s Centre (which he loves so much incidently, that when I went to collect him today he refused to leave!) rather than the normal two. So today while he was at the Children’s Centre I attended a Management Committee meeting for the Board of Trustees of Home-Start Guildford, for which I am Guildford Borough Council’s nominated representative.
I put my name forward for the role shortly after being elected in 2008 as their core purpose focusses on supporting families with at least one child under 5 years old which as a parent is very close to my heart because I know from my own experience, and from that of other parents around me, parenthood is a deep joy but can also be a huge challenge. Shortly after volunteering I was appointed to the board by Guildford Borough Council to act as their representative. In the role I give advice on council-related issues, promote Home-Start to councillors and generally get involved with cross-body work between Home-Start and some of the other bodies (such as the Governing Body of Guildford Children’s Centre) that I am part of.

I am incredibly honoured to be involved with the organisation which does amazing work providing volunteers to come alongside families including a 0-5 year old and provide practical and emotional support and help. Last year Home-Start Guildford supported 161 families with 322 children between them. That an amazing number is only possible through the commitment of over 200 volunteers who visit families in their own homes to provide support in a range of situations from bereavement to multiple births to post-natal depression to disability and everything in between!
If you’re not already aware of the work of Home-Start do take a look at their website and if you’re able to please consider making a donation towards the work they do. Similarly if you feel that you or someone close to you could benefit from a volunteer please call them on 01483 511181 or email
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