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New food bank to open in Stoke

by CllrZoeFranklin on 11 March, 2014

Sometimes life is tough, you need a helping hand and there’s no shame in that. In order to provide that helping hand local church New Hope Centre, have teamed up with North Guildford Food Bank to open a new food bank in Stoke. Open weekly on Fridays 6:30-7:30PM it will provide food parcels to local […]

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I’m so excited!

by CllrZoeFranklin on 19 February, 2013

I meant to blog about this before but life’s moving so fast at the moment I simply haven’t had time. However, I just have to tell you all as it’s so exciting… Our local primary school, Weyfield Primary Academy, is officially rated as GOOD by Ofsted! Yes, the school that has been done down by […]

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Stoke Community Lunch

by CllrZoeFranklin on 22 January, 2013

Last week I attended the regular community lunch held at St Peter’s Church (opposite Bellfields’ Green). The topic for discussion was a continuation of the theme that we’ve had for the last few sessions – the impact of the economic downturn. It sounds a bit distant when I say it like that been it has […]

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Funding success for local Scout group

by CllrZoeFranklin on 10 December, 2012

I was delighted to be told last week that our local Scout Group, the 2nd’s, bid for a grant of £23,400 from the Surrey County Council Community Improvement Fund by 2nd Guildford Scouts has been approved! I know from speaking to the groups leaders that they have put in hours and hours of work writing […]

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Food for thought

by CllrZoeFranklin on 31 January, 2012

On this ocassion the topic was the challenges facing low income working families, led by Jo Tester from Guildford Action.

The session was excellent with Jo talking us through a financial casestudy of a family of four where one adult is working for the minimum wage and the other is staying home to look after young children. I will be honest – it was a real eye-opener as it showed that paying for just the essentials the family would be short of over £150 every month.

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Bellfields Moggy Pond – An update

by CllrZoeFranklin on 2 July, 2011

Over the past year work has been happening behind the scenes to enable work to improve the Moggy Pond area to start. This began with the setting up of a small group of people who are leading the project, followed by applications for funding and most recently a Community Clean Up Day ( that you […]

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Litter concerns on Woking Road

by CllrZoeFranklin on 9 June, 2010

A local resident recently spoke to me as she was concerned that regular litter picks were not taking place on the section of Woking Road between the shops and the Woking Road Depot. I have spoken to a senior member of the refuse department at Guildford Borough Council who has explained that this area does […]

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Stop Press – I need your help

by CllrZoeFranklin on 9 March, 2010

I have just pencilled my next ward walk in with our Community Safety Warden Garry Jones for the last week of March and was wondering where we should head to in Stoke. We tend to switch between Bellfields and Weyfield so this time will be the turn of Weyfield however I would be interested to […]

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Walking the ward

by CllrZoeFranklin on 13 February, 2010

Living in the ward I represent means that I’m out and about a lot and am able to see first hand many of the problems that local residents contact me about. However, I will say that I don’t notice everything and that’s why I really value people’s emails and the input of our Community Safety […]

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Concerns over potential sale of Burpham Court Farm

by CllrZoeFranklin on 7 February, 2010

Liberal Democrat councillors have voiced their deep concern over Guildford Borough Council’s proposal to divide up land and buildings at Burpham Court Farm with the view to letting the farm land and outbuildings, and selling off the farmhouse and cottages on the open market. The plans are part of a report to be given at […]

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