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New food bank to open in Stoke

by CllrZoeFranklin on 11 March, 2014

Sometimes life is tough, you need a helping hand and there’s no shame in that. In order to provide that helping hand local church New Hope Centre, have teamed up with North Guildford Food Bank to open a new food bank in Stoke. Open weekly on Fridays 6:30-7:30PM it will provide food parcels to local […]

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Coming soon… Recycle More

by CllrZoeFranklin on 19 August, 2013

Over the next few weeks you will be receiving your new recycling wheelie bin ready for Guildford Borough Council’s Recycling More service starting in September. The project aims to help the council reach a whopping 70% recycling rate by 2015 and makes your life easier as you simply pop all your clean recycling into one […]

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Child poverty is an issue that moves me deeply. I find it appaling that it exists in the 21st Century and it upsets me even more that in one of the highest earning areas of a very affluent country we have children on our own doorsteps living in poverty. Here in Stoke ward figures published […]

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An unusual week

by CllrZoeFranklin on 18 June, 2013

Unusually I’m working every day this week. Not my ideal but sometimes I find myself presented with the situation where key meetings that I feel I need to (and want to) attend fall every day of a particular week and so my youngest gets to enjoy five sessions in childcare at Guildford Children’s Centre (which […]

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I love chance meetings

by CllrZoeFranklin on 17 June, 2013

Mondays and Fridays are my days that I specifically set aside for council work and in particular Monday is my day for meetings. Meetings with officers, meetings about ward issues, meetings with councillor colleagues and today was no exception. Except off the back of one meeting I ended up falling into an opportunity to give […]

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Summer holidays – counting the cost

by CllrZoeFranklin on 12 June, 2013

So last Tuesday I attended the Stoke Community Lunch hosted by St Peter’s Church. The topic for discussion was families financial (and other) struggles during the school holidays. To open up discussion Rob Lewis, Christ College’s Chaplain, spoke candidly about the reasons for families financial struggles during the school holidays – no free school meals, […]

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Grand opening of rejuvenated Moggy Pond this Saturday

by CllrZoeFranklin on 15 May, 2013

Shortly after I became councillor for Stoke ward in September 2009 I got chatting with local residents and realised that there was a real appetite for the Moggy Pond on Bellfields Green to be tidied up and made an even more welcoming place to visit and just ‘be’. This lead me to speaking to a […]

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TravelSMART community event a huge success

by CllrZoeFranklin on 20 February, 2013

On Saturday I attended the TravelSMART community event at Guildford Children’s Centre, Hazel Avenue. Invitations had been delivered to every home in Stoke and Stoughton and I was utterly delighted by the turn out – 86 residents, plus numerous interested observes packed out the main hall. Proceedings were opened byour local County Councillor Pauline Searle […]

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I’m so excited!

by CllrZoeFranklin on 19 February, 2013

I meant to blog about this before but life’s moving so fast at the moment I simply haven’t had time. However, I just have to tell you all as it’s so exciting… Our local primary school, Weyfield Primary Academy, is officially rated as GOOD by Ofsted! Yes, the school that has been done down by […]

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Lovely day for door knocking

by CllrZoeFranklin on 5 January, 2013

So I will confess I was rather glad when I woke this morning to find that it was a dry day as nothing dampens the spirits when you’re heading out knocking on doors than bucket loads of rain.   The task at hand was an hour or so off knocking on doors in Stoughton with […]

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